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Green key

1st international environment label

The Pietri Urban Hotel*** is one of the first institution in Morocco to have obtained the Green Key Label.

Since the hotel's renovation in 2006 (the construction dates back to the 1970s), the issue of environmental friendliness has always played a role in the choice of investments.

From the outset, the hotel was equipped with magnetic keys, an automatic light switch-off system, dual flush toilets, a solar hot water system, etc.

In 2010, during an additional renovation, we invested heavily in soundproofing our restaurant, which hosts live jazz sessions three times a week, and in soundproofing the rooms with double glazing. We have also installed low-energy light bulbs throughout the hotel.

In addition, since 2011, we have focused on controlling water and electricity consumption, staff training and waste separation. We have also carried out several interventions at the Mohamed Benabdallah Institutions in Salé and Témara, to raise awareness among students about respect for the environment, by giving the example of a few "green" gestures that are easy to carry out in everyday life. Since then, the school has obtained the "Eco-Ecole Label".

We are convinced that respect for the environment plays an important role in the future of tourism in Morocco and in the way our national and foreign clients view hotels. The Green Key label is undoubtedly an advantage for the image of our hotel.

What do we hope for the years to come ? 

That environmentally friendly products become more affordable. That the recycling and waste treatment industry develops to give us the opportunity to establish a transparent waste separation system. That cities establish an efficient rubbish collection system to eradicate the scourge of dripping bins that overflow onto our pavements. That small agricultural businesses become more professional so that we can strengthen our policy of buying local products. That our employees are convinced of the need to respect the environment and become ambassadors for a clean city in their neighbourhoods. Etc., etc., etc.

This is only the beginning...